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NBS attitude between *.rvt & *.ifc


I'm training with the some project issued from Revit 2017.2

This project is composed with 2 phasis > Existing and New Project (it is an Inside rebuilding of show-room and offices)

At the first time i discovered NBS, i have browsed *.rvt file,

> in NBS the file appear like in Revit, but only the level witch was on the Revit View

> The Navigator was OK, all the name were OK in NBS, it was like in Revit, it was the some for the properties

For the second time, i tryed to make a tuto to remember me the process to transfer from Revit to NBS, so i made the some as the first time (Project Template was also on RIBA), but finaly the 3D was ok, some as the first time, but the Navigator and Properties don't go well, it isnot possible to select something > a point appear on the object but nothing appear in the Navigator and Properties

Just before this mail, i tryed to transfer an *.ifc file issued from the some Revit file, the result is surprising:

_All the 3D appear: the ground floor the first level and roof, the phasis are the some as for the Revit file

_The Navigator and properties are ok

Have you a date when it could be possible to buy NBS software?


Thanks for your job



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  • Jul 27 2017
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  • Joanne Pringle commented
    14 Aug, 2017 02:13pm

    Thank you for your feedback it is invaluable in this product validation phase.

    We are collecting and evaluating all the feedback in this BETA which is scheduled to end December 2017, following which we will communicate further.